Thursday, 14 August 2008

I Squeem! You Squeem!

We all Squeem for the Squeem Firm Compression Vest!

This amazing rubber vest promises to melt fat while shaping your body. I just ordered mine last week and cannot wait to get it in mail. My best friend has been wearing one for the past month and I can see the results. It's instant, but over time the Squeem starts to re-shape your midsection helping you look leaner and tighter.

Check out these before and after pics. If they are indeed acurate then all I can say is WOW!

Okay mamas, I'll blog in a few weeks once I got my Squeem on.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Freya Mangopolitan Bikini

Yeah summer! I get to finally wear my new Freya Mangopolitan Underwire Balcony Bikini Top and Freya Mangopolitan Retro Bikini Brief !

I adore the pattern on this suit. It's so cute and funky. I love retro-style prints and this one has got character and color that just pop! Paired with tanned skin, the vibrant pink hues look so good. The fit is fabulous for just about any shape. And that name? Mangopolitian? That just makes it even more adorable.

Did I already scream YEAH SUMMER!?

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Goddess Corset, Will You Marry Me?

I wrote about the Le Mystere bridal bodysuit last week and now I'm going to boast about the Goddess 710. This fabu corset sucks it all in but lets the important fun parts push out. What I'm getting at ladies it that you're middle will look teeny and your boobies will look dreamy. Who doesn't want that vixen look?

Sure it's called a bridal corset but you can wear it under any formal piece. Heck, you could even toss it on with some garters and wear nothing else. Yeowzers!

I seek a corset obsession in my near future. I got my first corset last year and slowy but surely I am finding myself constantly drawn to them. They are truly magical must-haves for any gal.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Le Mystere Bridal and Bodysuit

In need of a bridal bra? I suggest the Le Mystere Bridal Bustierr. It's got a unique design that fits your body like a glove. A fancy, soon to be hitched glove.

I wore this bustier with my mermaid style dress and damn did I have an hour glass figure! Really I looked like Jessica Rabbit except not a two dimensional cartoon :)

It also has removable garters which I think are killer sexy. And with removable straps you can wear it a couple different ways.

I also really dig the the Le Mystere Sangria Bodysuit. It creates an awesome seamless shape underneath tighty dresses ( like the kind I tend to wear)

With molded bra cups your chest will totally impress. And the straps can be converted 5 ways: traditional, strapless, criss-cross, halter, or wide-cut. Add a thong cut and snap closure, damn does it get better than this?

Speaking of Sangria, it happy hour yet? It's 70 degrees where I am, I hope it's warm where you are too!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

More Wacoal Bra Love

The Wacoal iBra Push Up Bra is made from this really cool material that gives a neato lift to my knockers. It accentuates and creates. I am mad for this lingerie masterpiece. I assume my date is mad for it too since it gives me cleavage Pam Anderson would envy.

Okay maybe I took that Pam Anderson comment too far but hey, my boobs look awesome!

And with a price tag of only $53, this push up bra is hard to refuse.

While we're on the Wacoal topic. The Wacoal Petites Padded T-Back Bra also offers amazing fullness and support. I also dig the t-back straps, they go great with certain tanks.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Wacoal Bralettes

I love finding a great tank top bra. I basically live in tanks and the Wacoal Simple Pleasures Bralette is perfect under thin little tops. It's lightweight with a little lift.

I also really like the Wacoal B-Smooth Seamless Matte Bra Top. It's also ideal for girls like me who prefer a supportive tank style bra in the summer rather than some big ol' complicated traditional bra.

These two bras remind me of ballet gear. As a former dancer they are really my favs to wear.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Bigger Breasts with Ritratti

I have boobs! Well a bit bigger and shapely boobs thanks to the Ritratti Sensation Plunge Bra! This bra has these unique baby oil pads in the padded cups that create a look that appears and feels natural.

I have worn padded bras before.
Okay fine, I always wear padded bras.
But this one, this one is the tops. The tops I tell you! Combining the lift and fullness of the padding with the deep plunge, I look insanely busty. Well for my bod, i look insanely busty. For all you natural C cups or above you probably would laugh at my tiny top. None the less, I'm a huge fan of the Ritratti Sensation Plunge Bra. Huge, get it? Huge like my new huge boobs.